Exhibiting in Việt Nam

From 4 to18 May 2014 we'll organize in Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art Museum an exhibition with the work of Dutch artists and others. The exhibition is planned to take place in May. This time is chosen because it is a dry and nice period to visit the country.
The Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art Museum is one of the largest, most beautiful and important Fine Art Museums of Việt Nam. It occupies two large stately buildings in downtown Saigon They are built by the former French colonists. We rent the entire ground floor of the recently purchased second building.

We can rent such an important museum space, because the museums in Việt Nam have little financial resources and therefore regularly offer their exhibition space for rent. Besides they are also very interested in art from the West.
Art lovers visiting another country likes to see the works in the museums as well as in the local galleries. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to travel, especially for most Vietnamese, a visit to Europe is not feasible. Hence, the design of our exhibition is to show how wide the professional art supply in the Netherlands and in my humble opinion, this certainly succeed with this exhibition.
Almost half of the participating artists go along to Việt Nam, several of which are associated with local artists to create work that will be exhibition as well. Hence the name we chose for the exhibition:
Meeting- point
Dutch artists invite Vietnamese to share our coloured feelings.

The exhibition will be interesting for both: artists and art lovers from Việt Nam and the participating artists.

reactie van Thanh Thuy, hoofd tentoonstellingen van het HCMC Fine Art Museum

My dear Roby,
It's great to hear from you and your plan that we can work together. The theme of the up coming exhibition sound interesting "What kind of art can you find in the Netherlands", that excite the curiousness from the Vietnamese artists and people who love art.

You build a good plan and you are sure for this event, so you should make a reservation as soon as possible. Is it ok for you if we start to do Memorandum in June 2013? As your plan, the date of the exhibition in the beginning of May 2014 in two weeks, I will do the draft of MOU with the total cost and send you.

Thanh Thuy (Ms)
Phong Trung bay - Tuyen truyen
Bao tang My thuat TP.HCM

Lecture about cultural development in Việt Nam

For both those who wish to participate in the exhibition, as well as other interested parties, we did organize the 17th of February 2013 , at 14:00 an open meeting in the Opifexkerk Leidschendam, the exhibition space belongs to the Yellow Fellow Foundation.

During this meeting, a lecture was given on the development of the Vietnamese culture over the past 2000 years and how that still determines the contemporary art and everyday life will take place. The visual arts as we know it in Europe has only occured since after 1925.
There where books and other documents available for inspection and there was information about the exhibition and travelling to and in Việt Nam. The meeting was not only interesting to potential participants, but also for example, gallerists and other art lovers who are planning to have a trip to Việt Nam.

Roby Bellemans
CV Roby Bellemans

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