Curriculum Vitae

Roby Bellemans
Gaweinplaats 2,3813 es Amersfoort, the Netherlands

Personal information:
- born in Antwerp/Belgium 20 august 1948;

- A3 wood & metal /Antwerp
- A2 analytic chemistry /Antwerp
- school of music /Antwerp
- Royal Academy. of Art /Antwerp,
- music sociology /University Utrecht
- professional training cinema projectionist/Utrecht
- MO-A Education Methods / University Nijmegen
- professional training bookshop keeper / Utrecht
drivers-licence: A-B-E

Employments until 1980:
- Artwork Foundation Antwerp; organisation & publicity
- City Museum Amsterdam; attendant
- Lion Promotions Antwerp (org. of big pop music events); organisation & publicity
. concerts with groups like: Lou Reed, Eric Clapton, Marlene Dietrich, Georges Moustaki, John McLauglin, Kevin Coyne, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ten Years After, Donovan a.m.o.
- Paul Ambach Antwerp (org.of big pop music events); organisation & publicity
- International Cultural Centre Antwerp; organisation & publicity
- Cultural Centre 't Hoogt Utrecht; techniques & publicity
- Newspaper De Stem; free-lance reporter culture & chess
- Zeeuws Vlaamse Koerier; free-lance reporter culture, chess and intercultural education

From 1980 until 1993 independent:
- Bookshop-gallery Bellemans
- Foundation Shadow (Stichting Schaduw) publisher
- Gallery received gouvernmental quality recognition
- Art for Children's Gallery ,started in 1981
- started in 1985 as the first Art Lending program for Children
- received the first Culture Prize in the Province of Zeeland (for the promotion of modern art)
- started with exhibitions on the Ferrie-line Breskens-Vlissingen.
- musical leader of the "Churchillband", refugees centre Terneuzen
- developed and build travelling exhibitions during many years for provincial organisations like Noord-Brabant, Zeeland, Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, Overijssel, Limburg en Brugge
- adviser exhibition techniques for diverse organisation from the provincial archives to the women prison in Breda.

-important art projects: (those projects had the goal to show how you can use literature, philosophies, music, architecture etc.. as a base for these projects. So you do not exhibit literature in a simple way, but your exhibition becomes the content of the literature you are using. With this new way of devolloping projects you try to bring the soul, the core, the meaning and not the art itself. . )
- Modern Art & 1984, an art project for high school education, with support of the municipality Axel;
- The inside of the outside, about the design of our living environment, with support of the province Zeeland;
- The "Knikkerlint in de Westerschelde" (Marble-coard at the bottom of the river) as a monument for the Ferry-line;
- Zeelandsuite project, a cycle of exchibitions through all the Dutch provinces; in cooperation with the VPRO-broadcasting organisation;
- Afterglow, exhibitions in soon to be demolished houses, with support of the municipality Axel & the province of Zeeland;

- important educational projects:
- Environmental event, in cooperation with the Zeeuwse Milieu Federation;
- Spreekwoordenkwartet, (Happy family game) commissioned by the Dutch School Abroad Foundation (stichting NOB) with support of Shell-international;
- Developing Stimulation project for homeless children, requested by the Finnish Government
- Developing Schooling- and work project for street children (on request of the Kurdisch Government in Iraq)

- important exhibitions:
- "Mail-Art" on the Ferrie "Prinses Juliana"
- "The Dutch Illustrated children's book", has been on exhibition in the Main Library of Amsterdam; Sweden, university Lund; Taiwan, American School Taipei, Institut Neerlandais Parijs; Dutch Cultural Institute in Rome; etc.. Hof van Holland Madrid; University Evora (Portugal);
- "Spreekwoordenkwartet" (original drawings for the "Happy Family Game", has been on exhibition in.: Thailand, International School Bangkok; Brunei, Shell International school; Malaysia, Schell International School Miri & Bintulu; Singapore, Dutch School Woking; England, Shell-school London; Belgium Provincial Library Brugge; Spain, Hof van Holland Madrid; Italy, Museum for Contemporize Art in Bologna
- exhibition about the Molukken, in commission of the Vught Library in cooperation with the Moluks Historical Institute;
- "Children's book illustrators on Kites", has been on exhibition in Netherland, International Kite Festival Cadzand; the Netherlands: opening Children's book week Slot Zeist; Belgium, opening Children's book week Brugge; Belgium, International Kite Festival, Royal Buildings in Oostend; Spain, Hof van Holland Madrid, Iraq, Erbil

Iraq, June 2007, Roby during the opening of the kite exhibition in the City Museum in Erbil.

Lectures & workshops : (themes amongst other things: "the making and publishing of books", "the illustrated children books", "exhibitions and visual communication", "developing educational projects for children")
- the Netherlands: exhibitions, lectures and workshops, primarily in libraries, cultural centres, teacher trainings and schools.
- Schoolprojects & an exhibition in the ABP-building in Heerlen;
- Sweden, university library in Lund; on request of the Dutch teachers
- Taiwan, American school Taipei; on request of Philips & KLM
- Singapore, Dutch School; on request of the Dutch School Abroad Foundation
- Brunei, Shell International school; on request of Shell International
- Italy, Museum of Contemporary Art in Bologna; on request of the Cultural Dutch-Flemish- Italian Society;
- Spain, university Madrid (together with " The Tjong Khing"); on request of the Dutch and Belgian Embassies;
- Spain, Hof van Holland
- Portugal, University of Evora; on request of the Dutch Cultural Society
- England Dutch School Woking/London on request of Shell International
- Belgium, divers places
- Malaysia, Shell International School Miri & Bintulu; on request of Shell International
- Thailand, International School; on request of the Dutch School Abroad Foundation

From 1994 until December 2005: director "Stichting Kijken";
- Head teacher General Basic Education Exhibition Techniques;
- guest lecturer (marketing, exhibition techniques, etc) at the Royal Academy of Art Den Hague, Amsterdam High School and the Minerva Academy in Groningen.
- advisor "how to make your exhibition public-friendly" , to the "Rijks Museum" in Amsterdam and other museums;
- guest-author NIC-bulletin (Dutch Illustrator Club) and to Leesgoed, published by the Duth organisation of libraries;
- organised in commission for the Foundation Stichting Kijken in 1995 a research study how public-friendly the Dutch museum situation was.
- since 1998 a site with exhibition agenda for children
- free-lance critic on exhibition for the Museumkr@nt.
- free-lance author for "Origine", an exhibition magazine
- organisation het ChAKiF (the annual Children Art Kite Festival)
- developed and constructed for the municipality Lelystad a periscope in the pedestrian tunnel
- developed for the municipality Almere street sings for children";

Since 2006:
- guide at the Mondriaanhouse at Amersfoort;
- stand-up
- figuration "Orfeo", Xynix-opera
- guest-roll in the opera movie "Samson & Dalila", Opera Spanga;
- divers activities at the first International Kids Festival (2007) at Erbil/Iraq
- guest-roll in the hip-hop movie "Fatcap Express"

From November 2007 until Februari 2009:
- developer education methods for the Children Art Palace in Amsterdam

Since march 2009:
- work circumstance prevention inspector (Swazoom - Amsterdam Zuidoost)
- "Roby Bellemans Productions" company
- the start of the "Trading-Hats" projects
- panel member "Election artist of the year" (national Dutch competition)
- advising Fine Arts Museum Ha Noi & Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum
- cooperation with Gerard Mosterd, (Kantor Pos / physical theatre)
- correspondent magazine ' the world of puppetry '
- Children's water puppet theatre, for and played by children - chairman Trading-Hats foundation
- chairman Dance Theatre Development foundation
- board member of the Dutch Associaton for Puppet Players

Managing experience::
- before 1980 chairman of the Art & Information commission and daily board member on the Cultural Council Terneuzen(Terneuzense Culturele Raad).
- member of the Zeeuwse Cultural council (Zeeuwse Culturele Raad). - member of the media commission for the Dutch Mind Game Federation.
- chairman of the Chess Club Hulst.
- organisation "Axelse Gameweek" 1996-1999 (themes: animals, art, nature)... - board member of the Provincial Draughts Association Overijssel(Provinciale Dambond Overijssel) concerning extern competition clubs.
- in the period 1980-1995 chairman for the vpro (national broadcaster)-district Zeeland, national member of the commission network politics, statutes; member and chairman of the Finance, Recruitment and Extern policy commission.
- chairman Trading-Hats foundation
- chairman Dance Theatre Development foundation
- board member of the Dutch Associaton for Puppet Players

Mind game activities
- certified chess instructor
- certified chess referee
- member extern competition PODB.
- draughts youth instructor
- go youth instructor
- coordinator national go youth tournaments
- organisation Dutch Go Youth Championship (Nederlands Jeugd Go Kampioenschap)
- organisation Dutch Schools Go Championship (Nederlands Scholen Go Kampioenschap)
- organisation Dutch Biatlon Youth Championship Draughts/Chess
- winner Flevoland Open Biatlon Championship Draughts/Chess 2000
- winner Flevoland Open Biatlon Championship Draughts/Chess 2001
- winner Flevoland Open Biatlon Championship Draughts/Chess 2002
- winner of the Dutch Mind Game Federation's Dutch Open Triatlon 2007

Publications: amongst other things::
- "1984 & Modern Art"; in association with the community of Axel
- "The inside of the outside and the outside of the inside" about the design of the general living environment; in association with the Province of Zeeland
- "Catalogue of the Dutch illustrated children's book"
- "St.Juttemis Live cd"; in association with vpro-radio (first Zeeuwse cd)
- "Afterglow"(Avondrood); exhibitions in soon to be demolished houses in association with the community of Axel and the Province of Zeeland
- cards illustrated by children's book illustrators in association with Art Unlimited
- posters with work by children's book illustrators in association with Art Unlimited
- manual Basic General Exhibition Education; published by Stichting Kijken
- the Proverb Happy Family Game, published by Zirkoon editors, translated into English, French, Italian and German - illustrating Children books as a profession. published by NBLC 1997
- "Are you coming along?("Ga je mee?") toddlers book, published by Clavis, translated into Fremch Korean and Japanese
- "Are you flying along?"("Vlieg je mee?") toddlers book, published by Clavis. Translated into French Korean and Japanese
- contribution to "Operational management in the service industry"; Jan Schulp, published by Pearson education
- Education(+) projects devoloping and executing; published by R&B productions 2009
- How to be a succesful exhibiter, a basic guide, published by R&B productions 2010
- Rondleiden, gesprekken met rondleiders (Guiding, interviews with guides), published by R&B productions 2011
- And then also that wish came true, published by R&B productions 2012

The media about various activities::
In The Netherlands and Belgium:
Newspapers : De Stem, de PZC, NRC-Handelsblad, Trouw, Volkskrant, AD, Laatste Nieuws, de Morgen, Dagblad van Flevoland, Leeuwarder Courant etc.
Weekly papers and magazines: Vrij Nederland, HP, Leesgoed, Boekblad, NIC-bulletin, Taptoe, Libelle, Elle, Iets te Lezen, Villa d'Arte etc..
Radio : vpro, avro, nos, ncrv, omroep Zeeland, omroep Drenthe, omroep Flevoland etc..
Tv: NOS, Avro, RTL4, RTL5, Vara, Veronica,
The international media:
Printed media from: Sweden. Canada, America, Germany, Spain, Turkey. Iraq
Radio and tv:Taipei American Broadcast; Radio Spain; Iraq broadcasters

Mentioned in::
Authors Manual (SDU), Manual Art (SDU), Children en Teenagers in the library (NBLC), Bookmark (Infodok),
The Youth Literature encyclopaedia (Lannoo), The Youth Literature Lexicon (Martinus Nijhoff), Jazz Nu, etc.
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