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Education(+) projects, Theory and Practice

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It is not difficult to have children effortlessly learn a few words in English, Russian, Turkish or Chinese during an activity. But if you don't provide a logical coherence, you may as well teach them a few words of Lisuterian, Stanzi, Petwolski or of another, non-existing language. And even in that case you would be providing education .
In the early eighties, Roby Bellemans, after having trained in didactics, started designing and realizing educational exhibitions and projects. For years, hundreds of his exhibitions toured the Netherlands, Belgium and other places. They went on stage in The Netherlands Institutes in Paris and Rome. While he accompanied his exhibitions, Roby was invited to run workshops in places as far away as Taiwan.
He was a guest lecturer at various colleges, academies and universities, and was the first person to receive the "Zeeuwse Cultuurprijs" (by the town of Axel) for, using his projects, getting children enthusiastic on contemporary art. In 2007 he was a guest of honor at the International Children's Festival in Iraq.
Among his earlier publications are "Illustrating Books for Children as a Profession" and "Handbook General Basic Training for Exhibitions."
In this Handbook you will get acquainted with his vision and experience, and become familiar with his definition of education(+) projects.
You can ask for a free-of-charge, standard digital format for the description of activities at info@@robybellemans.nl.

1.1 Learning
1.2 Acting
1.3 Working from different angles of view
1.4 Summary
2.Developing projects
2.1 Elaborating the themes
2.2 Distribution across the various activities
2.3 Setting up the activities
2.4 Describing the activity
3.The practice of execution
3.1 Preparation
3.2 In front of the group
Annex A. Budget items
Annex B. Information

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Title: Education(+) projects, Theory and Practice
Author: Roby Bellemans
Translated by: Jos van Renswoude
Year of publication: 20011
Attachment: digital format
Publisher: Roby Bellemans Produkties
ISBN: 978-94-90355-03-6

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Education(+) projects, Theory and Practice ISBN 9789490355036
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Education(+) projects, Theory and Practice ISBN 9789490355036

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